What is Righteousness?

Michael Nevins

Walking in righteousness is not outward obedience,
it is walking in the revelation of the ALLNESS of God

It has been said by many, and Jesus himself, that righteousness is a person, and when you state this you will get a hardy AMEN from most who have seen Christ from a union perspective.  But if I am God’s expression, simply saying that righteousness is a person does not help my understanding from the inside outward into expression.  Oh it has taken care of the problem from the outside in, but the fact that I am now made righteous by that person living within me stays muffled in fear and burdened down by the ever present question;



I agree that this is very good and affective news and when I heard it for the first time it was wonderful.  However, Jesus did not simply say "I AM THE TRUTH" as he began to move into posture for the cameras.  He was the truth expressed out by the spoken word.

This applied righteousness cleans me up and makes me whole, but it does nothing to get me ready for the party.  Jesus said he was nothing in and of himself, so walking in righteousness must be more than the presence of the Persona.

Beyond the appearance of that persona lies the secret to the outward boldness of righteousness proclaimed and expressed in the hearts of every child of God from the beginning of time both old and new testament believers.

It is the spoken word of truth expressed and birthed out from the conscious awareness of who we really are that will set us free from the fears of life. Jesus said "the truth would set you free."

He began to share that truth as he spoke to his audience in John chapter six.  As he was speaking to this mixed crowd of people; those who were religiously inclined departed due to the offense of the message regarding the power of God.  It was then that Peter spoke out the beginnings of what we see as the key to understanding expressed righteousness.

"Then said Jesus unto the twelve, Will ye also go away? Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life."

Ah---"The words of eternal life"  What a statement!  The words of eternal life were the keys to righteousness walked out into expression of those born of God.  You could say this is what turned them on.  It is like reaching over the back of a robot and turning on his switch.  These words were that switch.  Jesus said many things and we can not exclude any of his statements from that definition stated here; weather they be hard sayings or simple expressions; He was that word of righteousness spoken out into the existence of history and time and those words brought life to righteous ears.

So walking in righteousness is what is expressed outwardly when truth meets up with the ears of those who can hear.  "I will walk in them and talk in them and breath life out in them and cause them to walk in my ways."

No good gift will He withhold from those that walk in righteousness.   This walking is not a determined behavior of the one who is walking, it is a declaration of a conscious understanding about who God is. Walking in righteousness is not outward obedience, it is walking in the revelation of the ALLNESS of God.  It is only as you begin to understand this shift in consciousness that you begin to see oneness and the power of faith and righteousness expressed.

Walking in righteousness is seen as one comes into a perfect alignment with the omnipotence, and omnipresence of the Father, not only within our persona but ever-present in the ALLNESS of every facet and outward turn we encounter.  Out from that awareness comes peace that passes all understanding.

We do not need to understand all the details anymore because we no longer are burdened as we once traveled down that long road of trying to figure out what was happening. We now KNOW all things because of the conscious understanding that all things come from him and that He is always giving what is perfect to his children in every moment in time and in every circumstance of life.  Every step you take, every breath you breathe, every turn you make is by the power of the omnipotent God. When you are aligned with this truth and really SEE you know you are "walking in righteousness."  When you begin to understand that you have always been walking in his omnipotence, even though you were not aware of it, you will see the ALL-PRESENCE of the Father and then you will KNOW how it is impossible for you to fail. You have never been a failure from the understanding of spiritual pureness. "Unto the pure all things are pure" because all things are of God.  This is true peace.  Let no man take this from you.  You do not care what foolishness they might throw at you because they will always have conditions to add to your present fear. The masters words to you are "fear not for I AM........................with YOU".   Not a hair of your head moves apart from the power of the majestic will of the Father.

The illusion once came to your mind on how you might begin to know the difference between good and evil and you believed the lie that you had wisdom.  But now--Arise and walk--rent this mantle of foolishness --shave your head in humility, fall down upon the ground, and worship the omnipotent Father who dwells within you.  Naked you came out of your mother's womb, and naked shall you return thither: the LORD gave, and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.  In ALL THIS you will see your perfection.  Yes ALL THIS is perfect.  You will cease  charging God in the foolishness of unbelief and stop inquiring about how you might manage the details of your life.  Why?  Because you never could do it.  You were looking for love in all the wrong places as you bounced between health and sickness and poverty and wealth.   Let not the persona become a private thing but rejoice in the fact that you have come out from the Father of Lights. 

You are walking in righteousness right NOW because his life is walking it out in you through every detail of your life. You are the Father's expression walking on the face of the earth.  Every step you take is on holy ground you need only to take off your personal shoes of human understanding to know that it was always holy.  The saints of old were on holy ground long before they were told to take off their shoes.  How long will you wrestle with the Power as Jacob did all night in the wilderness, only to find in the morning of your understanding, that surely the Lord is in this place but you knew it not.   Is there any place the Power is not working?